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I have experience/skills in the following subjects:
- Programming: C++/C++11/C++14 Visual C++ (versions 6, 2008 and 2015)/MFC/Visual Basic/Database/SQL/HTML/PHP/Javascript
- Some programming experience in C#/Java/Python
- Maths
- Statistics


Commercial programming experience

- MIME compatible mail client software (Visual C++)
- Graphical interface programming for a port container managing software in DOS using allegro library (GNU)
- TETRA network programming using Nokia's CIS TETRA interface library (Visual C++)
- Web development - coding functionality for a website using HTML/PHP/Javascript
- MFC GUI development


Education history

- (Finnish) Master of Science (=British Bachelor (Honours) degree standard according to UK NARIC) Department of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics.
Grade of Master's thesis: MCL (=2.5/3). Grade of advanced-level studies in Mathematics: 3-/3.
- Statistics as a secondary subject.



Music, Musical Instruments (mainly drums), Chess, Sports, Game Programming, AI Programming, Science