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Booking and prices


Tutoring - Internet lesson: £15 per hour (£15.50 per hour if payed by PayPal).
Internet lesson can be done using a voice call software (like Skype , Windows Live Messanger or Yahoo) and a computer screen sharing program.


Tutoring - Arranging a meeting: £40 the first two hours then £15 per hour. Minimum booking is 2 hours.
This applies to each separate meetings. So if the student books two separate lesson sessions two hours each then that would be £40 + £40 = £80.
Meeting can be done either in students place or the student can travel to my place. Please send a message to get more details about this or other arrangements.


Software development:
Above prices are only for tutoring. To get prices for software development please contact me to get a quote.


Please note that the payment for online lessons is paid before each lesson starts. For online lessons there is a money back guarantee for the first lesson: if the student cancels the first lesson (this can be done by ending the communication or messaging me) during the first 30 minutes of that lesson then I will fully refund the first lesson payment. Please note that this guarantee applies only for the first hour for this student and no other hours the student books in the future. Also all the paid but unused hours will be paid back to student at the end or by request. For example if the student pays me £50 and uses only £15 of it he/she can request back the remaining £35 at any time. Payment can be done by PayPal, Bank wire transfer or cash. An additional fee of £0.5 per hour is added for payments via PayPal (as PayPal has a transfer fee).


To book a lesson please send me a message.