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I am a C++ / Programming private teacher offering lessons at affordable price

Welcome to my tutoring pages. I teach C++, C, Visual C++/MFC and Object Oriented Programming to beginners or those who are at intermediate level. I have been doing private C++ tutoring since 2008 and enjoy teaching so it is easy for me to keep the prices low. Students success is my success!


Lessons are done online or arranging a meeting with the student

We can arrange a meeting inside the London area. We can also do the lesson by the internet using one of the computer screen sharing programs. Internet lessons are cheaper because it is easier for me and also there is no travelling costs. Online lessons can be done worldwide and payment method could be PayPal or Bank wire transfer. Also other payment methods possible especially in the UK. If you have difficulty learning from your teacher in school I can help you to get through the homework by teaching required subjects. See the prices from here.


Private tuition on other languages: Visual Basic, PHP, HTML, Java, Javascript, SQL, Database and more

Even though my expertise is mainly on C++/C I have also done programming with many other languages so will offer also beginner level tutoring on other than C++ languages including: Visual Basic, PHP, HTML, Java, Javascript, SQL and Database programming. Please ask for more details about these languages. With some of these languages I offer reduced hourly price.