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- All the basics (variables, arrays, pointers, references etc.)
- How to use STL libraries (string, array, map, functions etc.)
- C++11 / C++14 features
- C++ Best Practices; Closely following the best practices set by top teachers like Bjarne Stroustrup ("The C++ Programming Language, Fourth Edition")



- All the basics (variables, arrays, pointers etc.)
- ANSI C standard library (ISO C library)


Object Oriented Programming

- Classes
- Inheritance
- Polymorphism


Visual C++

- Basics and intermediate level Windows API
- Basics and intermediate level MFC. Includes among other things: Document/View architecture, Graphics and User interface programming. A great book to follow on these lessons would be "Programming Windows with MFC" by Jeff Prosise but others can also be used.


Other languages - like Visual Basic, Java, Javasript, PHP, HTML

I offer beginner level tutoring on these languages. Please contact me to get more details.